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Sites we are currently working on.

Please feel free to click on the images or links below to see how a site is put together!
Please note that there will be some broken links within the sites below - these products are not yet completed.

Xpress Drug Test
Xpress Drug Test have contracted with us to update their whole web site. They are getting a new look, an upgraded miva store (from 4 to mm5), and we are adding new features.

Much of the site will be in html pages rather than product pages within the shopping cart.

We are in very early stages with this one. Products are going in and content is being loaded as we receive it.

California Real Estate Licensing
Real Estate Licensing is very close to completion. All we are waiting for is the clients list of changes and this one can go live!

The site features a Miva Merchant 5 shopping cart, as well as lots of html/css search-engine friendly pages about becoming a realtor in California.

Fields and Water
Fields and Water is coming along. Although the html pages are not yet built, the store products are in and can be seen by clicking on the categories to the side. At this stage, the original Miva navigation is still live, so this is an interesting site example to look at as you will be able to see just how much we have to do. Come back in a few days and you'll be surprised at how much progress has been made!

Brand Jewelry Mart
This site is in very early stages and the link goes to the graphic. the client has approved the look of the site, so the next stage is to turn the graphic into a working web site.  We will post new links to the new site when we have them.

This site will sell exclusive jewelry designs. The site design is complete and the pages are in progress.

The client is working on their product database, and their Miva store is ready with the templates aleady altered.

My Trip Advantage
My Trip Advantage is an additional web site we are building for an existing client. This database driven site will allow Vacation Property owners to advertise their properties online, and also, prospective vacationers will be able to browse the listings through a number of different criteria.

The whole site will be fully automated. The design has been approved and we are currently working on the database administration.

Also Coming soon!
Road Pride
Teddy Wolf
Body Sobriety
KenMar Heating & Airconditioning
Hill Country Leather
Thicker Hair Upgrade & Redesign