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Banner Ads, Web Site Maintenance,
E-Commerce Maintenance

Banner Ads:

Get Your Site Listed at the Top

PacificWeb Solutions has a team of talented and experienced graphic artists working hard on your projects. You can feel very comfortable when dealing with PacificWeb Solutions, because we care about you and promise to give you the best service available.

Once you submit your order we will get started on your project, and within 48 hours you will see the first draft of your banner(s), and then we will finish them to your specifications, with a 100% money back guarantee.

Below are the prices for the standard banner sizes in use. If you would like a different size banner designed please use one of the contact methods above and we will give you a price on it.

468 X 60 Pixels (Full Animation)
234 X 60 Pixels (Half Banner)
120 X 240 Pixels (Vertical Banner)
120 x 90 Pixels (Button 1)
120 x 60 Pixels (Button 2)
125 x 125 Pixels (Square Button)
88 X 31 Pixels (Micro Button)


Web Site Maintenance:

Once you have your web site up and going, it is necessary to make changes to your web site to keep your viewers coming back to your site. PacificWeb solutions will update your site in usually less than 24 hours and at a price that is quite affordable. Our standard rate for web site maintenance is just $60.00 per hour, and we bill in 1 minute increments. We also offer several web maintenance contracts. Please contact us for your specific needs and we will work up a plan to fit your specific needs.

E-Commerce (shopping cart) Maintenance:

While our Miva Merchant Shopping Cart program is quite easy to update yourself, you might just find that with all the orders that you are getting you just can't find the time to add and delete items in your shopping cart program. PacificWeb Solutions will update your shopping cart, within 24 hours of the time that you place your order. Our fees for this service are just $70.00 per hour, and we bill in 1 minute increments. We also offer daily, weekly, monthly, or "as needed" e-commerce maintenance contracts. Please contact us for your specific need and we will tailor a plan just just for you.

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