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Web Marketing Plans, Web Site Promotion

Having a web site without an effective marketing plan, is like having a store but not unlocking the doors so that your customers can get in. You may have a unique product or service but if no one knows about it, how can you expect your web site to succeed.

PacificWeb Solutions' multi facet approach generates traffic to your web site. We will create a customized online campaign, that will result in reaching your target audience, and drawing them back to your web site again and again.

Included with Every Web Site that We Develop

Our free list of things that you can do to promote and market your web site

Free marketing advice

Search engine submission

Additional Marketing Services

Research your competition

Search Engine optimization and promotion

Web site promotion and optimization

Paid search engine submission

Banner ad creation, placement and keyword buys

Reciprocal links with sites related to your product, customer or industry

Targeted email campaigns with a direct link back to your site

Advertising/Marketing to promote your web site via radio, TV and print media

Ongoing research, analysis and recommendations of the latest in off-line and online marketing strategies to reach your target audience

Monthly monitoring of your search engine positions to increase your rankings ahead of your competition

E-Commerce and business consulting

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